Trends wedding hairstyles 2017

Once you choose the wedding dress, you automatically think of the makeup and hairstyle and never tralasciarli into the background.

Today we will discuss the various proposals hairstyles for wedding fashion in 2017 in the next article, however, we will discuss the trends in bridal makeup in 2017.

Marriage is synonymous with love and romance, almost always, the bride takes its inspiration from these to represent themselves in the perfect day. It is precisely the love and romance to be the protagonists of the 2017 trends for wedding hairstyles. In fact we will find: hair bun and adorned with jewels, vintage inspirations, braids, natural hair loose, with waves or curls, semi collected.

Of course, the hairstyle as well as reflect your taste must be related to wedding gowns you chose earlier, reflecting the style and design.


1: chignon and jewels

If you are afraid of making a mistake and have chosen hairstyle as her hair, you know that you did the center! The crop is a classic hairstyle for the bride and is flawless. For this 2017 collection we will be renovated thanks to countless points of light, and Swarovski jewels inserted into the crop to brighten your hair. Very often, the bride to stand out, he decided to wear a jewel by the hair of the mother or grandmother just as a symbol of affection.

2: Gathered
For this year, the hairstylist for this type of hairstyle decided to be inspired by the greatest stars on the red carpet that almost always decide to take make a similar hairstyle as a synonym for elegance.

3: Braid
The braid is a hairstyle that is back in fashion already for a long time even for street style, but today we will advise brides. The braid is recommended in the form of harvested seed, it is also a hair quite complex and important to know how to wear. We recommend especially to younger brides.

4: Vintage Style

For this year one of the biggest trends is the use of coordinated crown with bouquet of flowers. The rest of the bucolic style always present in the embroidery of the latest Gucci fashion shows inspired by 70 years, confirms this tendencyamong the brides.

5: Hair down to the natural or waves

This type of hairstyle is advisable especially to those with long thick head of hair. The Importane has to be simple and elegant just like always in the picture that we propose.