New Makeup Collection 2017 by Coco Codes

New Makeup Collection 2017 by Coco Codes  Dear readers, Today we will talk about the new shade you to Coco Chanel, ideal for a light and natural make-up just as we advise the new makeup trends spring wedding summer 2017. The new makeup collection of Coco Chanel Spring...
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Trends wedding hairstyles 2017

Trends wedding hairstyles 2017 Once you choose the wedding dress, you automatically think of the makeup and hairstyle and never tralasciarli into the background. Today we will discuss the various proposals hairstyles for wedding fashion in 2017 in the next article,...
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Being blemish-free on your wedding day

Take care of your skin during your  wedding  process by eating a sensible diet, exercising  at least 4 days a week and meditate. Yep meditation is very important for your skin wellbeing as the stress of the wedding can raise easy with lots of to-do list.  Is not...
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